1. What is Road Traffic Volume?
The department is responsible for the effective management and efficient operation of all state government roads. Before it is possible to plan improvements to the road system, it is important to understand how people currently use the existing network of roads. Traffic volume information is an important indicator of how the network is used.

2. What is Traffic Census?
Traffic counts are taken on all state highways on a three-year cycle. Counts are also taken for ramps and local cross-streets.

3.How are traffic counts taken?
Some counts are taken by placing rubber hoses across the highway. There are also permanent count stations with inductive loops. Some count stations are capable of classifying trucks by the number of axles. Turning movement counts are more complex and currently require that one or more individuals collect data through onsite observations.

4. Can I download traffic data from the system?
Yes. You can download and print data from our system.

5. Where can i get Road Traffic Volume Malaysia for online version?
RTVM is available to the public for online version at RM 50.00.

The access code can be purchased at :-

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