Road Traffic Volume Malaysia (RTVM) was first published in 1983 in the form of printed copy and beginning in 1999 in the form of digital copy (Compact Disc). Starting from 2014, RTVM is available in the online version.

The National Traffic Census data collected from the State Public Works Department (JKR Negeri) are analysed and documented in the RTVM. The RTVM report of current year will be published in the month of June the following year.

RTVM is available to the public for online version at RM 100.00.

The access code can be purchased at :-

email Cawangan Pengurusan Perolehan dan Harta,
Ground Floor, Block A, Ministry of Works,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, 50580 Kuala Lumpur.
call 03 2771 4096
03 2711 1944

The content of RTVM consists of:

  • Location of Traffic Census Stations
  • Daily Traffic Volume
  • Traffic Growth Data
  • Summary of Traffic Data on Highways in Malaysia
  • Summary of Vehicle Registration Statistics in Malaysia
  • Summary Statistics of Road Mileage in Malaysia